Methodology and quality come first

Traditional Research

ApertaMente offers market research services that reflect the team’s focus on quality.

We base our approach on meticulous methods, giving top priority to our client brief, streamlining the choice of methodological tools, paying special attention to the guidelines for interviews and questionnaires and using our experience and skillset to interpret results, always with a view to give the right support in the decision-making process.

Traditional research techniques

  • Concept and Product Testing

    Specific expertise in the preparation and service of test products
    Consumer sensory tests and panels
    Tested and guaranteed storage procedures (frozen, fresh, UHT)
    Correct product storage equipment (professional refrigerators, freezers, etc.)
    Logistics network for product transport
    Network of locations fitted out with equipment and machinery for product preparation (ovens, induction plates, deep fryers, blenders, etc.)
    Specially trained and instructed personnel

  • Mistery Shopping

    Assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities
    Monitoring procedures, the provision of services, the sale of products, customer satisfaction
    More than 1000 observation checks a year
    Extensive network of Mystery Agents and Observers
    Wide coverage of Italy and major EU countries

  • Creative workshops

    A one-day or multi-day work session involving a selected group of people, with the goal of generating or selecting new ideas

  • BeeTLE= Below The Line effectiveness research

    International tool to measure the effectiveness of events and promotions and the ROI of Below The Line communication activities

  • Sensory tests

    Used to measure, analyse, interpret and evaluate the characteristics of a product perceived by the senses

  • Individual interviews (qualitative and quantitative)

  • Ethnographic interviews

  • Focus groups

  • Mini focus groups

  • Diads and Triads