Innovative solutions and methodologies

Digital Research

ApertaMente Digital provides its customers with numerous digital tools to meet consumers in the actual context of use.

These services can gather opinions and comments from the interviewees with greater freedom: respondents complete diaries and questionnaires directly, without the filter of moderators and interviewers.

Digital research techniques

  • Brand community

    Community created specifically for your brand and your needs, ready to support you in communication and marketing strategies. A tribe that interacts with the company for a predetermined time, that shares opinions, carries out tasks, and shares posts on social media. Put them to the test and request the tasks that interest you the most.
    ApertaMente CPT
    You can involve the community in concept/product tests (this includes sending products to the homes of participants, or them purchasing products)
    ApertaMente ADV
    You can use the community to try out advertising materials, endorse creative ideas, improve them and monitor their long-term effectiveness
    ApertaMente inno LADDER
    Open innovation community that you can use as an endless source of creative input, for feedback about innovative initiatives, for insights into current and/or future trends to develop new product or service concepts

  • Online focus groups

    Dedicated platform in addition to Facebook or WhatsApp
    In Italy and abroad
    Users selected on the basis of the desired target
    100% secure: closed, controlled groups
    Flexible, variable time frame, depending on the research goals
    A wealth of data and information
    Materials mounted on video that can be used to drive social pages or campaigns

  • My Smart Opinion

    What people really think
    Real consumers who are eager to share their opinion with the company
    Digital App via QR Code (and soon via Augmented Reality)
    Timely verification of people’s experience while using the product/service/activity
    Research carried out directly at the place of consumption / event / use / enjoyment through their Smartphone and / or Tablet
    Quick, smart and efficient data collection with cost-effective investments
    Real time data
    Responses automatically entered in a database ready to be processed statistically

  • Online qualitative forums

  • Innovation tools