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ApertaMente has long-term experience and operating skills specific for B2B research activities:

  • capacity of interacting with both final users and corporate executives (for instance, purchase managers, executives, owners, etc.)
  • locations available and ready for practical tests and their observation/video-recording
  • consequent possibility of taking photos/video-recording of tests of tested tools/implements, specific working tools/materials, assembly/installation/maintenance of systems, etc.
  • supervision, by ApertaMente staff, of every step of the Research (from selection of samples to auditing of recruitment quality)

As to the B2B world, ApertaMente has also expertise in:

  • conducting interviews and focus groups as well as preparation of quantitative questionnaires, by the professionals of ApertaMente having specific experience in the field of B-to-B research
  • analysis and presentation of results supported, if necessary, by data from ethnographic observations and/or video and photographic material
  • deep understanding of the implications of Management, corporate operating processes, technical aspects relating to the product and the Market
  • capacity of making Research results operative from a corporate point of view

APERTAMENTE has special experience in recruiting samples for Business-to-Business research:

  • definition of target together with the Client, on the basis of the specific characteristics of the reference market
  • recruiting completely managed by recruiters with specific experience in the B2B field
  • use of ad-hoc scripts, aiming at motivating and stimulating targets to participate in the Research
  • free recruiting and/or from name lists
  • phone recalling dedicated to increase redemption
  • ad-hoc definition of forms of incentive suitable for encouraging participation in the specific reference target

ApertaMente approach to the specific B2B Research area uses focused qualitative (focus groups, in depth interviews, etc…) and/or quantitative methodologies (in depth interviews, on-line, etc…):
in addition to classic methodologies, including

  • monitoring the distribution and/or sale network
  • On-line surveys (on a dedicated portal, external to the client Company’s portal)

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