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We have specific experience and specific operating competence for research in the pharmaceutical sector (i.e. for specialist, ethical, over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, etc.):

  • with primary care practitioners, specialist physicians, chemists’, patients.
  • interviews directly conducted at hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, outpatient departments, chemists’
  • locations available all over Italy, arranged for interviews and focus groups with doctors, chemists’, patients
  • interviews by psychologists expert in pharmaceutical research
  • supervision, by AMPharma staff, of every step of the research (from sample selection to auditing of recruitment quality)

Our experience in the pharmaceutical sector translates into specific competences in:

  • conducting interviews and focus groups, such as the creation of pharma-specific quantitative questionnaires
  • result analysis and presentation
  • understanding and knowledge of aspects specific to drugs and the reference market
  • capacity of making research results operating from a the corporate point of view

We take special care of the sample recruiting step:

  • definition of the target together with the Client, on the basis of the specific characteristics of the reference sector
  • recruiting completely managed in-house by recruiters with specific experience in the pharmaceutical sector, coordinated and supervised by our field manager
  • use of ad-hoc scripts, aiming at motivating and stimulating target individuals to participate in the research
  • free recruitment and/or from name lists (also provided by the Client)
  • phone recalling dedicated to increase redemption
  • ad-hoc definition of forms of incentive suitable for encouraging participation in the specific reference target

With use of focused qualitative methodologies:

  • Focus groups, mini focus groups, including creative
  • Individual interviews (at locations, hospitals, outpatient departments, doctor’s surgeries, chemists’, etc.)
  • Desk Analysis
  • Duos/trios
  • Ethnographic observations and interviews (observation of the doctor at the place of work and the patient, to observe live behaviour, attitudes, interests and motivations)

But also ad-hoc quantitative methodologies:

  • Personal face-to-face interviews (at locations, hospitals, outpatient departments, doctor’s surgeries, chemists’, etc.)
  • Phone interviews (CATI or Paper) – Call Centre in Milan with more than 40 phone call operators’ workstations
  • On-Line Surveys (CAWI) – internal developer for web diary or questionnaire on-line publishing or computerisation
  • Ethno Interviews – directly conducted at chemists’ or outpatient departments and specialists’ surgeries
  • All special statistic processing activities (with SPSS) are performed internally


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