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Action Areas

From our consulting passion for Quality, every time we propose the most suitable methods to meet the different Corporate requirements:

Definition of Strategies

  • basic research to define the status of markets and areas of competition
  • segmentation studies
  • research on the Brand image and positioning

Fine-tuning of marketing levers

  • creative workshops, concepts and product tests
  • diagnostic tests on product characteristics, packaging, pricing, sensory analyses
  • research on communication
  • shopper tests, including slow-turnover products (thanks to the partnership with some points of sale)

Assessment of effects on marketing and communication initiatives (above and below the line):

  • tests on the efficacy of sponsorships, events, product placements etc. through a methodology designed by ApertaMente
  • customer-satisfaction surveys
  • tracking studies

Observatories (i.e. on the coffee world) and trend analyses


APERTAMENTE adopts the most suitable methodological approaches for every field of survey, depending on topics that the Client wishes to deepen and on Targets to be explored:

  • Qualitative, for a deep understanding of the field where the Customer has to make decisions
  • Quantitative, to give the information the strength of numbers

ApertaMente employs facilities and providers specialised in qualitative and quantitative research

In both fields, ApertaMente adopts procedures that ensure total reliability of operations and results:

  • personal briefings to interviewers, directly managed by Research Managers
  • Quality Control for all research activities and all interviewers involved
  • explicit communication, during the Briefing, about interview validity criteria and check procedures

Qualitative Methods

  • Focus groups, mini-focus groups, triads, diads
  • Direct-contact research (in-house group or individual interviews conducted with the Consumers and the possible participation of the Client)
  • In-depth individual interviews
  • Ethnographic home interviews or interviews at workplaces, public venues, etc.

Quantitative Methods

Personal interviews:

  • at home or at workplaces
  • at test centres
  • at points of sale
  • by-street

Phone call interviews

Structured observations:

  • participants and non-participants
  • with a traditional approach or video-recording

On-line interviews

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