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The current trend is increasingly to meet the consumer’s everyday places of use of the products at home, in the office, on the street, at an event and so on.

ApertaMente Digital provides  Clients several digital tools to meet the consumer in the real context of use, services also able to collect the opinions and comments of respondents with more freedom (diaries and questionnaires are completed directly by the respondent, without the filter of moderators and interviewers):

  • Partnership with Friends social media community: ask us for more!
  • MysmartOPINION© : directly collects the comments of respondents in the place of consumption via QR Code.
  • Intelligent cameras ©: sensitive cameras to the target passage, allowing for example the analysis of the breakpoints in pos, the detection of different types of consumer and more. To deepen
  • Online forums: a flexible solution for the mobile diaries, to activate a community looking for insights, to develop bulletin boards.
  • Focus groups and interviews online: the evolution of the classic focus groups and qualitative interviews with consumers, implements freedom of expression of the participants, for the ability to respond in remote, with no suggestion from other participants, as well as  for being held in the actual context of use
  • Video interviews and ethnographic documentary video: classic ethnographic observation is now enhanced and enriched by technological devices, which allow a richer analysis of content (often, to review environments and facial expressions is of great effectiveness and impact); useful presentations of video materials can then be made through documentary videos, summarizing experiences, emotional states and considerations of respondents

The tools of digital ApertaMente also allow further to reduce costs, while maintaining the quality of the result, or even to answer questions which the classical methods do not allow you to obtain.

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